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Rough Thursday

They say that Thursday is connected to Friday, and since I'm taking this Friday off for myself, I guess it already kind of is Friday. Anyway, after running all around campus, not to mention the ride home and back, I'm tired! Thankfully my night is almost over, just 2 hours to go!

Anyway, I got a couple of new packages today and I'm anticipating a collection update very soon. I also need to upload my new [and some old] shiny pokemon videos to YouTube, but I'm having trouble finding some good music to put them to... I got my second Buizel DVD from Sunyshore the other day. I haven't watched it yet, I'm just thrilled that I was able to get both DVDs!

My site has been updated [aqua-jet.webs.com] with a little bit more information on my wants and I finally opened the shop there. Hopefully this will make sales posts a lot easier in the future...hopefully! I am, after all, in desperate need for money. I'm planning on selling my school textbooks back now since I don't need them [thanks for making me pay more than three times what I'll get back for them...assholes] so that should give me money...that will go straight to my car payments, dammit! Why can't I save anything now...oh well, that tax refund can't get here fast enough.

Now for the rest of the good news: The semester's going well, I'm not sick anymore [though a cough doesn't really register as sick] and I still have a job, so yeah!! Take that economy, just like taking my money from me!

Everybody's Working for the Weekend!

Well, in my case, it's 'on' the weekend. I look forward to the regular school week because of no work. Anyways, I'm meeting with at least one of my professors tomorrow to discuss Honors Options, otherwise, I won't have enough credits per year to stay in the honors program [I'm at 6, i need 9].

Oh well, I expect to get a few[?] packages tomorrow, one from UPS. I hope they don't need a signature, because I won't be back home 'til 6 at least. Even then, I plan on going to Toys-"R"-Us after Comp. Sci. in order to get two Shaymin. Yeah, two, I've got Diamond and Pearl, and I'm a little excited about it.

Shit, I need money, now!! I won't have anything after this next car payment, and that's starting to get a little scary. I need to go out DDRing for one night, just to forget about all of this not-having-money-bullshit.

Working on updating my site, it's taking a while, but I like where it's going. And how...that, too.

Did I mention that I need money? Yeah, that's kind of important...a little.

There isn't a lot of schoolwork that needs doing, but I'll probably figure out that the opposite is true as the week progresses.

Oh, and I found out that this card is legit. I saw it on eBay a while back [a few months] and I thought it was fake because the snowflake seemed REALLY suspicious. Then I find out today that, not only is the whole thing legit, but the card was part of an advent calendar only sold in CANADA! Canada?! Damn, they get the good shit... Now I have a new grail, nothing holy...I could always buy the calendar on eBay.....for $75.00.

It's Snowing!

It's snowing outside, been doing ever since Econ. They said it would stop by 2:00 but it's 4:00 and the stuff just keeps falling. I'm starting to wonder if it'll stick to the roads tonight. As much as I don't want school tomorrow, if my Speech class falls behind another week due to snow, we'll be too far behind to continue, really!

Anyways, Calc class was awesome! We were all fretting over a quiz on trigonometric identities, and at the end of the quiz, the Prof. says, "Keep your papers, I'm giving you all a 20." That was a relief, because when we went over the answers, I didn't do as hot as I would've liked, so I'll just mark it as a win and move on!

I got a package in the mail, more of a letter, but it must've come yesterday. It was a chibi Buizel charm from lawlzy, and it looked a-maze-ing! It was to cool, and it arrived safe and sound. I'm still waiting for some other things, one from Sunyshore, a few others from random members here and there. I can't remember them all so it'll be a surprise when they come!

Work tonight will be slow, so hopefulyl I can hide in the back and do a crossword or two until I'm bored enough to start working again. I know for a fact that tomorrow will be really busy, so I need to be thankful that today was so lenient.

Video Game Rocking!

I reserved Pokemon Platinum the day after I saw it in a Gamestop, so I am definitely getting it as soon as it comes out. I'm excited for the new features, too! I am also waiting for the Toys R Us to release the Shaymin on February 8th. Finally, a Shaymin for the States! I haven't traded with anyone from Japan, so I've been left without one for the past...ever. Anyways, there's also that Regigigas coming out in March, but I already have one, though since I have Diamond and Pearl, I can get two more!!

New Guitar Hero songs came out today! I still have to download them, but I hope that they are good, since they should be from Springsteen. Not a big fan, or any kind of fan of his, but maybe his stuff will be good.

Got my version of Klonoa Heroes with the rest of my Crescent Shop packages! I've played through a good portion of it, though it's entirely in Japanese, a language that I can't read. One of the greatest parts is that the game is easy to figure out. It's more of an RPG/Platformer, so I figured out how to equip/unequip items, sell items, I can identify はい from いいえ...it's really cool! Saving also took a little time. I finally get to play as Guntz, who is just kickass!, so I'm glad for that.

Anyway, the countdown to Platinum has begun!

On The Eve Of Christmas Eve

Well, a few days ago, I received Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament in the mail. I am nearly done with it, but perfecting it will take a while. I feel like posting S-run videos on YouTube after I beat it. It would give me another excuse to start posting videos again. I'm trying to get my newest Megamix going, but I feel I have to start all over, because the last one was losing its quality the farther I got.

Well, I hope I don't have to go anywhere until Satruday...save me some gas. I'm looking forward to this New Year's Eve. This year, I hope to spend it with friends rather than sit at home with my parents.

Two days until Christmas. I finished wrapping the rest of my presents today.

Uhhh...there's nothing more today, it's been kind of slow these past few days. I got my package from Crescent Shop on Monday, and I need to do a collection update, as well as a new sales post, because I have a LOT of spare items.

A Week 'Til Christmas!

Well, I got the rest of my grades in from PSU, and I'm ecstatic!! I expected a few sour classes in the bunch, but they turned out much better than I could've anticipated. It looks like I will be ending the semester with a 3.72, better than the 3.58 I was expecting.

here's the breakdown:
German -- got an A, too easy
Hort 101 -- got bumped up to a B+ which is what I really wanted
Chem 111 -- went from a B to an A-, which shocked the hell out of me...in a good way
FYS -- got an A, not too difficult
ENG 30 -- got a lower grade on my final paper, which kept me at an A-, but the Hort B+ canceled out the difference

In other news, I think I'll be taking more shifts at work over the break, so then I have more money, rather than wasting time loafing around [as much as I love doing that]. I hope that Crescent Shop's package arrives in time for Christmas! They sent it out earlier today and now I just have to wait for the USPS to do the rest. That would be an awesome early-Christmas present!!

It looks like snow tomorrow, so my sister might be staying home tomorrow with me. No biggie, she usually leaves around noon, but it's cool having someone else in the house, not just the dogs and cats. I still want to go to NYC, and it looks like I'll be going around the week after New Year's Day.

I completely wasted today laying around, until my dad came home. We ordered a pizza while my mom took my sister out to the doctor. I amazed even myself when I ate four large pieces [half of the pizza]. I usually can't eat any more than two pieces.

Next semester will be like a fresh start, except I'll know more people, have an awesome first semester grade, and maybe even hit on that girl from my Chem and FYS classes. Who knows? I definitely want to be more social next semester. Sure, I made lots of friends this semester, but I feel like I didn't do much else, no events, no gaming nights [usually because of work], nothing. I can't wait for Calculus though, that's right: I can't wait.

I'm so happy right now, a lot of shit is going right for me!! Whoo!
Now to wait patiently for the mail...

Oh, and I made this user bar [my first one], dedicated to Guntz, that smirky s.o.b.

On The Eighth Day of Christmas...

I finished my final in Horticulture today, but I'm starting to doubt if it did me any good (the final was purely optional). Hopefully it all turns out okay, so I can really enjoy my winter break. But anyway, I'm completely done with school until next semester!!

I've gotten all of my Christmas shopping done and wrapped up for the 25th. I can actually look forward to accomplishing something tomorrow, but I'll probably end up watching CSI all of tomorrow on Spike TV.

I was in my buddy's car, heading to the mall so he could pick up a present for his girlfriend, when the song Human came on from The Killers. We fucking rocked out in the car, especially when he ran through a yellow light, almost skidding along the slush (and right behind a cop, too!). He told me about their other song Spaceman, so I'll look into that later on. Then, at an FYE in the mall, we checked out their album, which looked pretty decent.

We stopped by the pet shop, where they usually have a puppy running around a little enclosure in the front of the store. It was an 'open-air' kind of store, with no front doors, so you could walk right up. I'm still a little hesitant to pick up the puppy, because when I was a child, you weren't allowed to handle the puppy until you were 18, so it just kind of carried over until about now. I let him nibble on my hand for a little before we left.

In other news, the dollar keeps falling to the yen...shit. I wish this whole 'economy' could fix itself. Too bad the stock market isn't really a good indicator of the economy. Whoo, depressing news!

Anyways, I'm going to visit my high school with a bunch of friends on Monday so we can harass our old German teacher, and maybe even our old Physics teacher.
It's snowing for the first time significantly here! The ride home was a little iffy because my local roads haven't been plowed yet and the ice keeps falling. I've got a final in the morning at 8:30am, so it better be clear by then or I might have to go REALLY early in order to avoid crashing.

Hmm, what else happened today...Collapse )

'Tis the Season...

While searching the net last night, I found out that Japanese GBA and DS games work in an American DS because it is 'region-free.'

This got me really excited because that means that I can get Klonoa: Densetsu no Star Medal imported and be able to play it (regardless of the fact that I wouldn't understand a word of it). I just really wanted to get this game because Guntz is playable in it, which totally rocks!

Tomorrow, I am planning an all-day study session in preparation of my Horticulture 101 final exam at my local Barnes and Noble. I want to bump up my grade, but I literally need a 100% in order to bump it up. But that's what I get for skipping so many classes...oh well. Next semester is the first one that I will start caring about, so it'll be like a do-over, except it's not.

I need to update my site for my Buizel collection. There are some missing pieces that need to get filled in, so hopefully I can tackle some of that stuff soon, if not, I'll have it done before Christmas!

O, Tannenbaum!

Today we got our Christmas Tree, and it's sitting downstairs in our living room. All lit up with lights, that thing better have some presents under it next Thursday!

I wonder what I'll get, since I only asked for one (maybe two?) thing. We need some good food in this house, too. I can't keep eating the same crap from week to week.

I got my package today (which is weird, because today is a Sunday, which means that my parents hid my mail from me...) from ambertdd with the Buizel CHOU Get figure! Unfortunately, in the package I received from Crescent Shop, I had already gotten that exact one! ^_^; Oh, well! Now I have more CHOU to connect to my Floatzel figure!

My winter break officially starts on Thursday, when I have no more finals and can only look forward to next semester. Hopefully it'll go more smoothly than the last one, though this last one wasn't so bad.

I can't wait to get that Klonoa game (Dream Champ Tournament) for my GBA from eBay. With the game, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, being remade for the Wii, I decided to finally get myself into the series. I remember when it first came to the States, and I was interested in the series, but never got into it (mostly because I never played it). But now, I am starting to get anxious for the series, mostly since I discovered who Guntz is (guy in avatar). He looks kick-ass and, though I can't play as him in the GBA game, I'm glad he makes more than just a cameo.

Damn...I need to get working on my English paper.